About Us

Hello and welcome to Jack London Schools! 
We are located at 12924 Oxnard St. Valley Glen. between Grant HS and LA Valley College, next to the Orange line.
We serve students between the ages of 14-19 who dropped their GPA, fell behind on credits, had little interest in school, or required a different learning environment other than a large comprehensive high school.
We provide the opportunity to; retake courses, get ahead on credits, and/or graduate with on the job experience, and a career skills certificate!
Our students have the option to co-enroll at LA Valley College thus receiving double credits for passing college level classes.
Our mission is to provide students with personalized instruction, social-emotional support, and occupational skills which will prepare them for college and careers after high school.
The vision is to provide students with the skills, experience, and a plan to attain a job and work to pay for college or provide income to lead a comfortable life.
Because of our small class sizes we are able to provide students with personalized instruction, in-class intervention and on-going technology support. Our teachers and academic counselors work together to provide each student with their own individual graduation plan. We provide our students and parents with individual student progress reports every two weeks and acknowledge their successes at our bi-weekly school wide celebration.