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Community Day School (CDS)


Mission: Build a more Peaceful, Just, and Sustainable World

Vision: Peace, Development, and Environmental Protection are Interdependent and Indivisible (Principle 25 of the 1992 Rio Declaration) 

CDS Ornamental Horticulture's Goals: Earn a high school diploma, work a summer internship, obtain industry certification, be prepared for college, complete the pathway sequence, and live peacefully and productively.

Myrna Fleming, Horticulture Teacher, [email protected]    

Sacramento State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mr. Tom Torlakson presents the California Green Ribbon Schools Award to Ms. Fleming and Mr. Sznajder.

CDS Ornamental Horticulture


Be Peaceful (collaboration)

  • Work together to build community
  • Live in a way that respects the freedom of others
  • Talk out your problems
  • Plant the seeds now to feed future generations
  • Find peace within yourself, so that you can bring peace to others

Embody Justice (communication and argument)

  • Speak your truth, even if you speak alone
  • Advocate for the environment, it is essential for life
  • Stand up for your rights and the rights of others
  • Control the outcomes of your actions
  • It is on us to make change happen – “history is us”

Engage in Sustainability (critical thinking and problem solving)

  • Use your knowledge to solve problems
  • Gain strength from diversity
  • Know that every natural system has its limits
  • Think flexibly and creatively
  • A small change can make a big difference
  • Accept nature’s feedback and adjust your actions accordingly
  • Plan for the future – Plant a tree today, even if the world ends tomorrow